Creating Connections #AroundTheKitchenTable | Week Two

A week has passed already, and Ramadan 2023 is well under way. Here is week two of our Creating Connections #AroundTheKitchenTable series. If you haven’t already seen week one, head here for some great ideas to spark connection with your loved ones this Ramadan. Day 8There’s no replacement for quality time, and the weekends are… Continue reading Creating Connections #AroundTheKitchenTable | Week Two

Creating Connections #AroundTheKitchenTable | Week One

Slower days and more vibrant nights allow us to create moments of pure joy and connection during Ramadan. So much of this connection revolves around food and in particular around the dining table during the Holy Month. At Kaiser, we know that the kitchen is where the most heartfelt conversation flows and relationships are strengthened.… Continue reading Creating Connections #AroundTheKitchenTable | Week One

Choosing Kitchen Seating

Ramadan is just around the corner, and for many households, it is a time of reflection and coming together with family and friends to break the fast in the evenings. During this holy month, the kitchen becomes the center of activity, where delicious meals are prepared and shared. At this point, the value of kitchen… Continue reading Choosing Kitchen Seating