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Portfolio - A Dark Haven in Marina Residence

This Kaiser kitchen and laundry transformation in Marina Residence 6, were carefully designed by Senior Designer Rohit Patel. The homeowners desired a space that blends practicality with elegance, aiming for a touch of modern luxury and glamour. 

The kitchen’s layout was thoroughly reimagined to improve flow and storage, including adding an island for internal prep and casual dining for two. With entertaining in mind, the cooking area was strategically positioned to offer stunning views of the Marina while keeping the chef engaged with guests.  

The kitchen boasts Perfect Soft ultra-matte black lacquer fronts with anti-fingerprint technology, complemented by the stunning Dekton Laurent countertop and wall claddings. Integrated appliances from Siemens, TEKA, and Elica blend into the design, ensuring both form and function are at the forefront. 

Adjacent to the kitchen, the laundry room underwent its own transformation, where functionality meets style. The combination of open shelving and wall cabinets provides ample storage while showcasing the client’s laundry essentials. LED lighting integrated into the cabinetry adds ambiance, while dark finishes create a striking visual impact. 

This Kaiser kitchen and laundry transformation in Marina Residence 6 embodies the blend of functionality and elegance, showcasing Rohit Patel’s expert design and the client’s discerning taste.