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Portfolio - Entertainment Kitchen in The Meadows

This entertainment kitchen in The Meadows designed by Chiara Porcu in close collaboration with Architect Mine Al Sinevi, embodies the essence of entertaining, as the homeowners take delight in hosting gatherings for friends and family. Their vision was clear: a kitchen that marries simplicity with functionality and efficiency.

Opting for a harmonious color scheme, Chiara combined Crystal White Satin Lacquer and Eukalyptus fronts with Unique Arabescato worktop from Compac, introducing a delightful touch of texture. This fusion breathes life into this entertainment kitchen, exuding a fresh and vibrant ambiance that’s further illuminated by the natural light streaming in from the backyard.

Equipped with a comprehensive range of Siemens appliances, including three ovens for seamless hosting and a warming drawer for maintaining the perfect serving temperature, this kitchen is a host’s dream. Thoughtful internal storage solutions were integrated to cater to cooking essentials and the kids’ favorite snacks, ensuring everything has its place.

In a separate nook, consists of two roller shutters and pull-out drawers. This is where small appliances, cups, and mugs are neatly tucked away, keeping everything tidy and organised.

The island, serving as the central hub for activities and socialising, incorporates all the essentials for a lively gathering. It boasts a wine cooler for refreshing drinks, a pop-up socket for convenience, and a spacious seating area that accommodates up to six people. With storage on both sides, access to dinnerware is effortless, enhancing the overall hosting experience.