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Portfolio - Seamless Sophistication in Shoreline, The Palm

In this modern handleless kitchen located in Shoreline, The Palm, designer Chiara Porcu used clean lines, a light palette, and a simple, minimalist design. The result created an airy, spacious feeling in this modestly sized room.

The kitchen is equipped with an array of helpful Siemens appliances which are fully integrated to avoid a cluttered look. The owners were even able to tuck away a washing machine in this space behind a matching cabinet front. And since storage was a vital element for the homeowners, and they wanted to make the best use of the space, Chiara introduced a pull-out pharmacy pantry which is a space-saving storage option in this kitchen that offers ample opportunity for storing food, jars, utensils and more. She also incorporated open shelving as a valuable decorative element to the kitchen layout to provide both form and function while opening up the space.

No matter what size your kitchen is, by cleverly using every available space for storage, considering installing pull out shelves and other space-saving solutions, and opting for light colors, you can design a premium kitchen that is both elegant and efficient.

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