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Portfolio - Simplicity Refined in The Meadows

“When it comes to designing a spacious and functional kitchen, the layout and details are key,” says Senior Designer Rohit Patel.

This minimalist kitchen in The Meadows designed by Rohit Patel was originally a smaller space but was extended to create a larger, more open floor plan. The focus of the design was to reflect the simplicity and brightness of the homeowners’ villa while incorporating modern features and a streamlined aesthetic.

The massive, 4 metres long island is a distinctive element in this kitchen layout. It provides a sufficient workstation for meal preparation and serving, and the storage cabinets on both sides ensure that the kitchenware are always within reach, while the seating space provides a perfect spot for the family members to gather and interact with each other. To maximise the spacious feel of the kitchen, Rohit positioned the sink and hob on one wall, allowing for a wide and uncluttered work area. This also allows for easy access to the rest of the kitchen while cooking and entertaining.

The fresh, glossy white fronts are fitted with handles, adding a small detail that creates a sense of consistent symmetry and balance within the space. To further enhance the design, the homeowners opted for large, versatile light pendants that provide ample task lighting for preparing food while also creating a welcoming ambiance in the room.

This Kaiser kitchen is a true representation of intelligent design with unrivalled performance.