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Portfolio - Culinary Charm in Victory Heights

This kitchen in Victory Heights designed by Senior Designer Rohit Patel, is a beautiful illustration of how the kitchen can serve as the hub of activity and socialisation. The handleless polished Pearl Grey fronts exhibit a refined appearance, evoking a modern vibe, while the island and plenty of storage spaces satisfy the client’s need for practicality without sacrificing style.

The island has been strategically placed to provide the perfect cooking and entertaining space, with the induction hob and extractor positioned in the centre as per the client’s request. The Kaiser laminate bar is a remarkable feature in this kitchen design, standing out with its impressive thickness of 8cm. It is given a unique touch with a stone structured finish in a crisp and clean white shade and creates a high seating area on the island, perfect for guests to gather around.

The removal of walls has transformed the space, allowing natural light to flood in and creating a brighter area that invites both relaxation and culinary creativity. The open plan layout promotes interaction and connection, making it easy to engage in conversation and socialise with friends and family while preparing meals. 

Tall units have been positioned on one wall to provide maximum storage space, giving the kitchen a wider look. They blend seamlessly into the background, providing ample space for the homeowners to store their kitchen essentials. This ensures that the kitchen always looks tidy and organised, even during the busiest of times. The units are fitted with Teka built-in oven and microwave. 

The wide coffee station area is a thoughtful addition to the kitchen design, providing a dedicated space for small appliances and other coffee-related items. The station is conveniently located near the seating area, making it easy to prepare a cup of coffee while chatting with guests. 

With a focus on precision and attention to detail, Kaiser brings together expert German engineering, contemporary designs, and precise installation and post-installation service to bring your vision to life.

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