How Appliances Affect the Kitchen Design

When planning your kitchen design, one of the most important choices you’ll face is selecting your appliances. Given their durability and significant financial investment, it’s crucial to choose appliances that not only align with your personal preferences but also complement your overall kitchen design. This thoughtful consideration will help ensure that your appliances provide optimal… Continue reading How Appliances Affect the Kitchen Design

Small and Stylish Kitchens

Size is often overemphasised in kitchen design, with many people mistakenly believing that a larger kitchen is inherently more functional. In reality, an intelligently designed smaller space can be just as efficient and practical, while still offering beautiful design. Designer Chiara Porcu shares her insights on how to begin the process of designing a smaller… Continue reading Small and Stylish Kitchens

How Countertops Affect Functionality

Countertops are a fundamental element of any premium customised kitchen, and it can significantly impact the kitchen’s functionality. A well-chosen countertop can enhance the cooking and food preparation experience, while a poor choice can lead to inefficiency. Designer Chiara Porcu sheds light on the importance of choosing the proper countertop to improve your kitchen’s functionality… Continue reading How Countertops Affect Functionality

Kitchen Worktop Types and Benefits

A kitchen worktop is a crucial element that very often determines the personality of the entire space. When choosing your worktop, aesthetics is not the only consideration. Functionality is important, the type and intensity of use, and users’ habits. With the infinite choice of kitchen countertops, it can be difficult to decide on the right… Continue reading Kitchen Worktop Types and Benefits

Maximising Space in a Small Kitchen

Functionality is often incorrectly correlated with size when it comes to kitchen design. While larger kitchens will definitely offer a lot more space for storage and work, smaller layouts can be designed intelligently to optimise whatever space is available. Kaiser Kitchens Designer Chiara Porcu shares her tips on designing kitchens in small spaces. Beautiful kitchens… Continue reading Maximising Space in a Small Kitchen