Dishwashers That Ensure Your Dishes Are Sparkling in a Flash

01 April 2022

After finishing up meals, tidying up the soiled dishes and tableware is one major errand. Well, thanks to high-performance dishwasher integrated into kitchen design, doing the dirty dishes is a thing of the past. From casting aside dishes to presenting sparkling clean for your next party gathering, superior cleaning gets you ready for any occasion.

One of the most helpful appliances, fully automated dishwashers not only save you the time and stress of washing dishes but also help conserve energy and water thus lowering your utility bills in the process. What’s more, is that they’re highly space-saving and equally efficient. Here are more intriguing functions of these modern nifty dishwashing appliances: 

Speedy functions 

Strong design body with a variety of wash and rinse functions, your dishes are efficiently cleaned at great speeds to shining perfection. The result is sparkling clean, dry dishes all done on reduced energy consumption. Programmed features allow up to two- and three-times faster cycle times, with a switch on of rinse options anytime.  

 Discrete presence 

 One of the advantages of freestanding dishwashers is their versatility when it comes to adapting to kitchen spaces. With a front design matching your kitchen interiors, the dishwashers smoothly integrate in your kitchen space. Slim-line or full-size built-in models work silently and efficiently behind the scenes to give you sparkling clean dishes in one wash. 

 Easier user experience 

 Intelligent and intuitive automated system detects dirt levels and adjusts water levels during wash cycles for higher efficiency. Auto-programmed options select the best temperature, washing cycle and amount of water needed for each wash. This way, you don’t have to worry about anything, as you move on to your next kitchen chore. 

 Absolute adaptability and flexibility  

 Then flexible basket system guarantees safe and faster tidy-ups. Its elegant design ensures that every piece of crockery perfectly fits in and is washed to precision. Integrated GlassZones nozzles ensure gentle wash and through cleaning without damaging your sensitive glasses.  Accommodating even your most valuable and fragile items, they retain their shine and keep them in perfect condition wash after wash. 

 Whether you’re at home or on the go, you’re at peace knowing your dishes are cleansed in no time. 

 Design your kitchen close to your imagination  

 At Kaiser we bring you intuitive solution to all your cook-clean challenges. We can optimise your kitchen to your lifestyle and desired wants by installing a range of kitchen appliances and organisation units trusted for their reliability in the busiest kitchens. Interact with our expert interior designs and know how best we can make your daily activities a breeze in the kitchen.