Fully Automatic Coffee Machines for Energized Mornings

23 March 2022

Want to kick-start your day each morning or simply relax in the evening with a freshly brewed cup of coffee? Then fully automated bean-to-cup machines can elevate your coffee experience at home. Combining clever technology with multifunctional design, the free standing or built-in appliance in your kitchen creates that perfect corner to share unique moments with your family or friends over a piping hot aromatic coffee. 

Let’s explore the benefits of these ingenious all-in-one coffee machines in your kitchen space 

Touch of sophistication 

With striking aesthetics featuring an LED screen and touch panel, coffee appliances perfectly integrate into your kitchen space alongside other kitchen appliances. With easy-to-install models and finishes, once fitted it renders a unique touch of class and sophistication to your kitchens.  

Tailored to your taste 

In one single appliance, coffee lovers can relish mild, medium of strong coffee flavors. Highly compatible with all kinds of coffee capsules, there’s no limit to your choice of drink. Intensity, temperature and quantity can be regulated through intuitive control systems preparing each cup the way you’d like it.  Distinct programmed functions brew drinks to perfection and a final layer of milk foam is sure to tantalise your taste buds. From tea, coffee or espresso, share the pleasure of beverages tailored to your taste.  

Easy to use and maintain 

Stainless steel design with easy extractor drawers and self-cleaning functions makes your appliance easy to handle and clean.  Telescopic rails allow easy push-in and pull-out of the coffee jar. Hidden storage compartments discreetly store your cups, capsules and sachets so that you can anytime be the best host for your guests, letting them enjoy special moments around a fine cup of authentic-tasting coffee. 

 Immerse yourself in a world of coffee in your own homes… 

 Planning for a kitchen design remodel? 

 At Kaiser, our team of luxury kitchen designers keep the best interests of clients in mind and go the extra mile to create kitchens in line with their expectations. We can install the best coffee machines and a range of multi-functional appliances into your luxury kitchen design to make your everyday life super easy. Speak to our kitchen interior designers in Dubai to find out what designs work best for your lifestyle and initiate the transformation of your kitchen space today