Five Ways to Adjust Your Kitchen Height

03 August 2022

There are many things to think about when designers are looking to create the perfect kitchen, and although designing a kitchen for the ‘average’ client may be beneficial if you are looking for a ‘safe’ design for a rental property or maybe a house you are looking to sell, different factors should be considered when you are looking to plan a kitchen that is just for you and your family.

Cooking styles, entertaining schedules, family demographics, safety, and disability should be considered in the design process, and height is among the most important factors.

Back pain in particular can be mitigated by adjusting kitchen heights to suit your needs. We all can suffer from back pain at one time or another, and lifting heavy objects, preparing food and even loading the dishwasher can be a challenge if personalised height is not considered.

Here are the top five things to consider about height (and some solutions) for the design of your kitchen in your HOME.

Food Preparation Areas -The average height of a kitchen countertop from the floor is 900mm. This may be fine for many but if you are 6’3” and your partner is 5’1, you may consider varying the height to make prep more comfortable. Having various worktop thickness and or plinth heights can help with this and can actually become a feature in your kitchen.

Dishwasher – Most kitchens have the dishwasher on the floor, but at Kaiser you have the option to design it to be mid-height in a tower unit, which will make loading and unloading much easier on your back. It is safer as well as you will avoid any chance of people tripping over the open door or even falling onto the upturned knives in the cutlery container.

Drawers or Cabinets – Standard base cabinets can keep your heavy pots and pans out of sight, pan drawers tremendously improve your access and comfort. Other storage solutions at varying heights such as pull-out tall cabinets and magic corners allow you to optimise your kitchen heights and save your back.

Microwave – Many times we see microwaves far too high in a design, which is uncomfortable and can be dangerous. Lifting a hot bowl of soup down can be a recipe for disaster, and adjusting the microwave to a comfortable height for all, older children included, is recommended for safety.

Stools or Chairs -This decision is one people often make purely from an aesthetic perspective, but comfort and use should also be considered. When choosing whether to add bar stools and a breakfast bar or to lower the dining surface to use chairs, consider the ages of your family members. The youngest and oldest can struggle with bar stools, and thus a lower dining area and chairs may be more suitable and can still be designed to integrate beautifully into your kitchen.

Adjusting kitchen heights is only one of the many ways your kitchen can be customised for you. To learn more about creating your own premium German kitchen in the UAE, reach out to our designers or visit our showroom in Dubai.