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Portfolio - Scandinavian Oasis in Dubai Hills

This Kaiser Kitchen in Maple, Dubai Hills is a beautiful creation by Senior Designer Julia Eissing. Beyond a mere cooking area, it serves as a family-friendly focal point that seamlessly connects with the children’s play area.

Responding to the homeowners’ request for a minimalist yet inviting design with a touch of Scandinavian influence, Julia masterfully integrated elements from the natural world. While Scandinavian kitchens prioritise simplicity and minimalism, Julia infused the space with personality through a skillful blend of textures. She artfully combined Summer Oak Laminate, Crystal White High Gloss Lacquer fronts, and the airy Ascale worktop in Grassi White.

Boasting a complete range of Siemens appliances, this kitchen effortlessly harmonises aesthetics with functionality. Internal storage solutions, including a pull-out pharmacy, internal drawers, and pull-out drawers, elevate the kitchen’s overall efficiency.

Incorporating open Summer Oak shelves, the design showcases a delightful assortment of the children’s Lego characters alongside an extensive collection of culinary books and decorative items. This personalised touch contributes a unique character to the space.

In the client’s own words: “We wanted our kitchen to be the focal point of our home, and needless to say, it exceeded our expectations! Minimalist but warm and inviting! The whole process was stress-free and worth every penny!”