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Preparing for Your Kitchen Consultationby Amrin Khatoon

26 October 2022

Beginning your kitchen design journey is an exciting experience. An experienced kitchen designer will be able to guide you through the entire process, but the more prepared you are to begin with, the more she will be able to translate your aspirations into reality. Kaiser Designer Amrin Khatoon shares her advice on how to best prepare for your first kitchen consultation.    

Start Your Preparation at Home

A showroom is a great source of inspiration, but the main source of inspiration should be how you envision your life in that space. If your property is ready, take some time to sit and imagine how your life will flow through the space and what purposes the kitchen will serve. This will help you start thinking about layout, seating, appliances, and more.

Develop a sense of the style you would like for the kitchen by browsing imagery online or in magazines. Pinterest is a good place to begin looking at photos of other projects, and you can also create your own mood board which is a fantastic springboard for the design process. The Kaiser Kitchens website is full of inspiration, too.

Dubai Hills Kaiser Kitchen
A Kaiser kitchen designed by Amrin Khatoon in Dubai Hills

Share Essential Information

When you first meet your designer, it’s essential to let him or her know if you’re ready to start the design process or if you’re still browsing to understand the industry. Kitchen culture can be complex, and we know that many people want to take time to understand the landscape before discussing designs in detail. It’s best to let your designer know what stage you are at when you meet and when you actually plan to install your kitchen.

If you are ready to begin your design journey, share your address with your designer and bring your floor plan with you. This is a fantastic tool for the designer to start the discussion around your future kitchen. The address is crucial information too, as we have designed kitchens all over the UAE and would likely be able to show you kitchen designs for similar homes.

If you already know what appliances are needed, please list them during the consultation. He or she will share input on suitable brands and will be able to start planning your layout around the necessary appliances. If you don’t know what appliances you require, the designer will also be able to offer a recommendation.

Finally, if you have any special considerations for the space do share those as early as possible. This could include design elements like specific stone that you want to use for worktops or adaptations for children, pets, or people of determination for example.

Experienced Kaiser kitchen designers can guide you at our showroom in Sheikh Zayed Road

Should I Have a Budget Set for the First Meeting?

It is important to have an investment amount in mind especially when creating a bespoke kitchen, as the options are virtually limitless. Two identically sized kitchens can be designed in different styles to fit different price ranges. Knowing the budget from the beginning makes the process smoother, manages expectations and ensures the kitchen designer and the client are on the same page. If you are unsure of your allocated project budget, that’s not a problem. Our experienced designers can advise you on the cost ranges of elements, features, finishes, and appliances so that you can choose accordingly.  

Your Designer is Your Partner

The main thing to remember throughout this experience is that your kitchen designer is your partner. The more information your share with him or her, the better, quicker, and smoother the process will be. A designer can turn your dreams into reality once she knows exactly what your dreams are!

Start your kitchen journey today with the UAE’s most experienced kitchen designers at Kaiser Kitchens. Meet us at our showroom on Sheikh Zayed Road or get in touch to speak with one of our team members.