Small and Stylish Kaiser Kitchen

Small and Stylish Kitchensby Chiara Porcu

26 May 2023

Size is often overemphasised in kitchen design, with many people mistakenly believing that a larger kitchen is inherently more functional. In reality, an intelligently designed smaller space can be just as efficient and practical, while still offering beautiful design. Designer Chiara Porcu shares her insights on how to begin the process of designing a smaller kitchen layout.

When it comes to designing a small kitchen, it’s important to start by defining your goals and priorities. This will help you stay focused throughout the design process and create a kitchen that meets your needs.

Assess your Space and Identify Any Potential Design Challenges

Take note of irregular corners or hard-to-reach areas that need to be addressed. Understanding the limitations of your space will help you come up with creative solutions to maximise functionality.

Prioritise the Key Elements you Want to Include in your Kitchen

This consists of appliances and work zones, which should be positioned for maximum efficiency and ease of use. By identifying these key elements early in the design process, you can create a layout that optimises the available space while still providing the functionality you need.

Leverage Light & Colour

Consider using design tricks to create the illusion of more space in your small kitchen, making it feel larger and more open. One approach is to use a neutral colour palette on the walls, ceiling, and cabinetry. Light colours reflect light, which can make the space feel brighter and spacious. You can also incorporate reflective surfaces such as glass fronts or mirrored backsplash.

In addition to design tricks, careful placement of lighting can also help make a small kitchen feel larger. Lighting that is strategically placed can make the space feel luminous, highlighting key areas of the kitchen and creating a sense of depth.

Finally, Get Creative with Storage
It’s important to make the most of every inch of space. Use wall-mounted shelves, this a great way to make use of vertical space. Another space-saving solution is to use pull-out drawers that allow for easy access to items and can be used to store pots, utensils and even pantry items.

Collaborating with an experienced designer can be advantageous in creating the layout and aesthetic of your compact kitchen. With these techniques and the assistance of a proficient Kaiser Kitchens designer, you can craft a stunning and practical area that is tailored to your requirements while utilising the available space to the fullest.