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Creating Connections #AroundTheKitchenTable | Week Two

30 March 2023

A week has passed already, and Ramadan 2023 is well under way. Here is week two of our Creating Connections #AroundTheKitchenTable series. If you haven’t already seen week one, head here for some great ideas to spark connection with your loved ones this Ramadan.

Day 8
There’s no replacement for quality time, and the weekends are ideal for that. Plan your dream weekends by asking each person to detail his or her idea of the perfect weekend day and then plan on scheduling those ideas for the entire family post-Ramadan. You’ll have weeks of fun mapped out in one night!

Day 9
Podcasts have grown tremendously in popularity and are a great way to learn. Ask each family member to bring their podcast recommendation and discuss why they like that show. You can even host a listening party #AroundTheKitchenTable for a particularly powerful episode.

Day 10
Fasting can sometimes lead to tiredness during the day. Stretch those brain muscles #AroundTheKitchenTable tonight with a tough riddle from each family member.

Day 11
Ignite your family’s creativity by building a story collaboratively. One member starts a story with one sentence, and then each consecutive person adds the next part. Bonus points for maintaining sense in the story!

Day 12
Tonight take the phrase “down to earth” literally and organise a picnic at home for this evening’s iftar. Set up a blanket inside or outside and enjoy the unusual dining approach.

Day 13
Pull out the Scrabble board for a collaborative game! Offer ten tiles to each family member. The first family member will add one letter, and each consecutive person will choose one letter to add with the aim of creating a word together rather than competing against each other. See what the highest scoring word you can create together is!

Day 14
Spend some time after iftar or dinner writing letters of kindness to your neighbors. You can choose to sign these letters or make them anonymous. Add a gift card or box of treats then leave them on their doorsteps to create surprise moment of delight.

Let us know if you try any of the ideas during the second week of Ramadan. Don’t forget to tag @kaiserkitchensdubai and hashtag #AroundTheKitchenTable if you share anything on Instagram or TikTok!