Creating Connections #AroundTheKitchenTable | Week Three

06 April 2023

We’re halfway through Ramadan 2023! Have you tried any of our ideas from week one and two for Creating Connections #AroundTheKitchenTable? At Kaiser Kitchens, we know that the most raw and unfiltered connections happen in the kitchen, and here are seven more ideas for inspiring those moments for week three of Ramadan.

Day 15
Compliments are the easiest gift we can give someone else. At tonight’s table take turns in the Compliment Chair. The person whose turn it is will receive compliments from each person at the table – no repeated compliments are allowed! Challenge yourself to come up with creative compliments.

Day 16
An attitude of gratitude can improve our entire outlook in life. During today’s meal, take a moment today to share three things you are grateful for with you friends and family.

Day 17
Being productive together is one of the best ways to connect with loved ones. Make a list of all your family’s must-do projects for the next month and divvy up the responsibilities to each member.

Day 18
Friends are family you choose for yourself. For today’s iftar or dinner, ask each member of the family to invite a friend to enjoy the meal with you. You can learn so much about each other through the eyes of your friends!

Day 19
So much can change in a year, but we often forget how far we’ve come until we look back at where we started. After you finish your evening meal today, ask each family member to sit #AroundTheKitchenTable and write a letter to themselves a year from now with their hopes for the future. Open the letters next Ramadan!

Day 20
With Eid less than ten days away, many people are excitedly preparing their party outfits. Unfortunately many others are unable to purchase new items for themselves or their children on the occasion. To support those in need, host an iftar donation party in which each guest is encouraged to come dressed up and also to bring a brand-new set of children’s clothing to donate for Eid. Arrange for those clothes to be distributed within your community before Eid.

Day 21
Reading is our connection to other worlds. For today’s moment of connection, ask each family member to share an excerpt of a book that they love and to explain what draws them to this book. Let us know if you try any of the ideas during the third week of Ramadan.

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