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Creating Connections #AroundTheKitchenTable | Week Four

13 April 2023

It’s the final stretch of Ramadan! With ten days or less to go, here are our final ten ideas for Creating Connections #AroundTheKitchenTable. These final nights are so special, and we hope these ideas help you enjoy beautiful moments with those you love. We also shared 21 other ideas in week one, two, and three so have a look back at those too in case you haven’t seen them yet!

Day 22
Work off your meal this evening by taking a family walk together after iftar. Leave your earbuds and headphones at home and take part in conversation as you enjoy the last days of beautiful weather and some exercise.

Day 23
We each resonate with different famous figures. For today’s moment of connection, ask each family member to share an anecdote about a famous figure who has been a source of inspiration. 

Day 24
Goals are important but pursuing them is the difficult part! Share one goal that you would like to achieve by next Ramadan with your family and ask them to keep you accountable for achieving it.

Day 25
Movie nights are always a wonderful way to connect. Ask every family member to suggest a movie, place all suggestions in a jar, and create a random movie draw to select what you will watch together after this evening’s meal. Don’t forget the popcorn!

Day 26
Play a game of celeb heads #AroundTheKitchenTable tonight. Each person will secretly write a celebrity’s name on a card and place it face down in the center. The cards are then distributed face down to each player, who will prop the card up facing outwards so that he/she cannot see the celebrity’s name. Each player will then take turns asking the group yes or no questions about the secret celebrity to try to reveal the identity. The first person to guess his/her celebrity wins.

Day 27
Get the conversation flowing with 3, 2, 1 Questions! Ask everyone at the iftar table:
1. What are 3 things that made you smile today?
2. What are 2 things you did for someone else today?
3. What’s 1 thing you hope for tomorrow?

Adapt the questions to suit your family or the conversation you want to spark.

Day 28
Instead of dining at your own table today, get involved with providing meals in your local community to labour camps or at iftar tents. This can be an incredible experience for family members of all ages.

Day 29
Famous words can be a great conversation starter. Gather inspirational or controversial quotes in a jar or bowl for each family to pick. Discuss each quote as a group and whether you agree or disagree with the statements.

Day 30
To commemorate what may potentially be the final night of Ramadan, take a family photograph #AroundTheKitchenTable today. To make the photo even nicer, go the extra mile and coordinate the colours of your outfits.

Day 31
As Ramadan comes to a close, share your favourite memories from the Holy Month with each other. You can even take a trip down memory lane and recount memories from previous years.

Let us know if you try any of the ideas during Ramadan. Don’t forget to tag @kaiserkitchensdubai and hashtag #AroundTheKitchenTable if you share anything on Instagram or TikTok. Eid Mubarak!